Flash Gitz

By Gork and Mork ! No pictures today ?

In fact, I had enough bullsh*t this week. No timefor painting. And as I am leaving toworrow morning fir the Dakka tournament, tonight I'll have a painting night, with Red Bull and no time to loose... While I am painting, I suggest you to visit the Flash-gitz.net web site.

You probably already heard about them, they created the coolest animation about Space Hulk ever !

In addition to being talented for animation, they also created a 40k universe based on webcomic.

I'll let you check these cool adresses :


Deathwing Knights - WiP 4

Only slight progress made this week. I wasn't able to paint : I had to work buy night all the week. Good news are these : the knights will be ready for the Dakka next week-end !


Deathwing Knights - WiP 3

  Paitin at all haste and without facebook is a good way to improve your style. I painted two more knights in a week ! Some details need to be done. The sergent is on it's way, and thath's the good point.