Dark Angels Nephilim

Space marines, Games Workshop
  I am pleased to present a fully painted Nephilim.

  Even if it's a Dark Angels vehicule, it isn't painted in the Raven Wing colors.

  I complied with the line set during the Doom Angels army creation : all components of this Dark Angels successor chapter are painted in Orkhide Shade.

Games Wrkshop, Space Marines
  The configuration won't change : the "Mega-bolter Avenger" is very effective against infantry. Moreover, the missiles (S6) are too weak to hunt tanks; so forget the twin lasers.

  The painting is damaged, like the other vehicles. The damage are lighter than on a tank, the Nephilim remains one - hum - flyer.


Dark Angels v6 test

  Benefitting from one of the (too) rare WaterGun meetings where I can be present, I decided to test the all new Dark Angels v6. I started with a 1k points army, with an imposed topic. I was preparing the Warriors Tournament, which takes place in March 2013.
The topic is armoured column.

The list :
 - Techmarine
 - 5 terminators
 - 5 scouts (no sniper, all C&C equiped)
- 10 SM (ener. sword, flammer and multifusor)
- Nephilim
- Whirlwind
- Vindicator

  I faced a Vanilla Space Marines list, centered on fast attack, Raven Guard themed.

  First report: contrary to the vanilla, DA sergeants cannot take any teleportation beacon ! But that didn't stop me to try a very dangerous deep strike and succeed !

  A DeathWing assault becomes terribly effective, especially since you decide when it will happen

  This game enabled me to test Nephilim and to revise my 40k v6.

  At first sight, the Avenger M├ęga-bolter is a good anti-infantry. And the Blacksword missiles are a (un)pleasant joke. S6 and AP4 for single use missiles. Are you kidding?
  Had they been S7 and AP3, their presence had justified the Nephilim's exorbitant cost (180 pts).

Especially when you known that the Stormtalon cost culminates at 155 pts

  In conclusion : The new DA are pleasant to play, even if their sergeants can't be equipped with a localization beacon (Da f*ck?).
Next army: 1500 points of pure DeathWing !


Dark Angel Nephilim - WiP 2

  I'm still working on the Nephilim, progressing at the discretion of the painting sessions.
  As you can see, it is painted in the Doom Angels colors and not the Ravenwing colors. The wings are painted in white and grey, as the wings of the Doom Angels.
  The centreboard is not one of the Nephilim, but Dark Talon. Aesthetics matters.
  I also scratched the imperial Eagle of the front, replacing it with a "Dark Angels" scripture.
  Finally, the Ravenwing symbols are not original ones, but those of the Dark Angels cluster.