[Transport] Land Raider Crusader WiP (2)

  Once again I'm late, but I was sick to the point I had to stop painting during one week… And that didn't arrange the Land Raider  painting.

However, I'm already working on the highlights.


Terminators ready to go!

Wooot! I succeeded in founding the camera's USB cable. It's snapshot time!

  These are 10 terminators ready to fight at the winter French Waaagh Day. The Challenge of the End of The World's pressing me, I can only protest against the "old" and "new" color diagram mix. But, for those who saw the last terminators IRL, progress are notable.


Epic fail

  My PC crashed down and I can't get pictures anymore... because the card reader is inside the PC. Damned! This helped me to have a break with Fakelook, mails and other PC only activities.

  I finally had enough time to think about the Hobby and the place it takes in our life... and the money we spend on it. Do we really need to buy all the new stuff that Games Workshop produces? And are we sure that we'll mount, paint and play with all the minis we bought?


  So I made a clean un in my Hobby room and decided to sell all my Warhammer Fantastic Battles stuff. The game disapointed me to the point that I know I'll never ever play it again. Exit all the Battle army boxes, selled the three armies I kept in stock! I have enough 40k minis to paint.
  Selling my Ork, Ogre and Chaos armies allowed me to buy a big Games Workshop table, an imperial sector and some Pegasus hobby stuff.
  And not loosing time on the PC makes the hobby happy. I'm working and painting minis about 4 hours a day now!

Next week, if my PC's back, I'll have cool pictures to show you.


Great moments

  I discovered this site by chance and since, I didn't stop to be amazed by the poetry which emerges from all the mini stories of this blog.

  No text in these mini-stories, background reduced to the minimum but maximum effect. Read it and read it again without moderation, they are Great moments.