I haz not ready

Unfortunately, I'm not able to post this week.

I'm not ready, still working on the house, having good time with my familly and so on...

I'll be back with a new planning and some big projects next week.


Med Tour 2014

Every Med Tour starts with a fully loaded minis case. And what better case than the Apocalypse limited edition ?

I had a shock when I arrived at Perpignan. I had a 17°C when I leaved Savenay, and a 37°C, 10 hours later at Perpignan.

First players arrived friday, we took time to eat and discuss before playin'

First Day...

Med Tour is a two day meeting where we come to play at Warhammer 40,000 the Apocalypse way. And when you say Apocalyspe, you mean... Lords Of War !

Haridan's in town, and it's hungry !
Nothing can replace a Harridan's "Good morning !" smile when you arrive on your first day table. This very well painted organic flyer comes from an army named "My little Forest Animals". So cute...

The All new painted mini malediction strikes again ! Every unit of my 3k DA army, fresly painted, doesn't stay more than two rounds on the table !

Even the Land Raider, painted a long time ago, didn't escape this malediction !

The game was one of a kind: Nids everywhere, Terminators falling from the sky, and Chaos Gods laughing hard. Our Astartes and Mecanicum alliance couldn't resist the Great Devorer and Chaos Space Marines alliance.

To win or to loose, what's the matter ? We played, had a good time and took great pictures. An apocalypse game is made to see great armies have great battles on great tables.

The Med Tour is also having a BBQ with friends, to take time to discuss about our Holly Hobby and everything that happened during last year.

Second Day...

A croissant, a coffee and 'ere we go !.

This time, it's desparate times : we decided to have a mirror alliance on both sides. An astartes, a Nurgle Marine, a Khorne Marine and a Necron players will fight.

I decided to keep only one terminator squad in reserves and place all the other squads on the table.

Apocalypse isn't only a big fight. It's a wonderful huge fight with huge armies, huge Lords of War and themed armies. 

You'll see a 7 Nurgle Chaos terminators squad and a Khorne demon possessed dreadnought fall from the sky... Right in the back of your previously decimated terminator squad !

An Apocalypse game allows players to create crazy armies. Like a Nurgle army based on the sacred number 7, or an all Forge World Mecanicum army.

All you need is time and motivation.


Med Tour 2014 - Preparation

I'm done with the Med Tour's apocalypse army preparation.

It all started with this :

Count 36 terminators to be painted, or refreshed. I won't keep the dread and paint a new one. The Land Raider will be the only one who won't give me any work.

It took me one full year to mount, paint and damage a 3k Dark Angels Deathwing Apocalypse army. It's based on Belial and a command squad, three squads counting ten terminators each, a venerable dreadnought and a Hellhammer.

Belial and it's command squad :
Games Workshop, pro painted
Belial and it's Command Squad
All these terminators take place in a Land Raider Crusader :
Pro painted
Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader
First terminators squad : the Titan Killers
pro painted,
Dark Angels - Titan Killers squad
Second terminators squad : the Xenos Slayers
pro painted
Dark Angels - Xenos Slayes squad
Third terminator squad : the Angel's Wrath
pro painted
Dark Angels - Angel's Wrath squad
I painted a Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought :
pro painted
Dark Angels - Legacius Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought
And you can't pretend to have an apocalypse army if you don't have a Lord of War :
Pro painted
Red Fury - Hellhammer version


Hellhammer and Baneblade - Red Fury

I'm happy and proud to show you the Red Fury. It took me two complete month to paint it, but she's a beauty, isn't she ?

pro painted
Red Fury - Hellhammer version
I magnetized the kit in order to be able to change the tank configuration. Hellhammer, Baneblade, with or without turrets.

pro painted
Red Fury - Baneblade version
And because I need to travel a long time to play an apocalypse game, she can be unmounted, armor plates included.

Red Fury - Travel version