Armorcast Warhound #1 - 36

No real progress on the warhound this week, just added some,more aging on the titan. 

I finally found enough time to work on the last missing detail on the left leg. 

Ultra thin plastic card, grey primer, some hours drawing et voilĂ .

I still need to paint like a parchment, redraw all the letters and glue it on the titan left leg. 


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 35

I have done a lot of work this week.
I finally founded how to rust the white parts and it works pretty well.

Both arms are battle damaged, so does the body and the head.

To do list :
 - Add a parchment on the left leg
 - Redo the rust on the shield generator
 - Get every part soiled
 - Create the banner
 - Finish the base

And, if I'm working hard enough, she'll be ready before Halloween.
(stay tuned !)