Sorry guys, no post since last one.

I'm preparing my self to face one of the biggest stormsh*t I ever faced.

Had to pause my Hobby for a long time.

Stay tunes, I'll try to come back asap.


Imperial Knight Warden

I just finished selling some oldies when suddenly... an all new Imperial Knight Warden appears !
Aarghal uses Credit Card !
It's very effective...

Couldn't resist to opening the box.

On the left : the three "original" Knight kit sprues.
On top, the fourth and new sprue.
And center, a full colored notice.

The difference between the old Imperial Knight and the Imperail Knight Warden is the same between a Rhino and a Razorback.
The new sprue offers you new arms options, and TWO turrets.


It's a must have, and if you can, mix an old and a new kits boxes, you won't regret it.


Eldar Knight #2 - Magnets powa !

What's really good with big minis, or long time projects, is that you can be sure that, no matter what, Murphy's law won't forget you.

On this commission for two Eldar Knights, sh*t happened when I was on the finish line with the second knight.

Torso and legs just broke up.

After reflexion, I founded a solution : magnets !

I decided to place two magnets to establish a strong link between legs and torso.

The second pair is here to give some movement to the torso.

As you can see ton the picture, you need to use 3mm diam. magnets.

Because the uper body just can't turn, you can swap the arms without any problems : you won't have to check the torso's position anymore.

With four magnets, you have a strong bond between uper and lower body.

This means you can move your knight on the battlefield by the legs... or the torso.


Personnal note : I'm sorry for the delays. I'm in a storm that takes me too much time and makes me losing my Mojo from time to time...