Hellhammer - WiP 05

Still working on the hellhammer micro-shipping

I almost finished the main body. One side turred is ready, but I'm not satisfied with the rusted effect I applied.


Hellhammer - WiP 04

A very quick WiP from the Hellhammer.
My daughter failed a 3+ save and had to be carried to the hospital emergencies for exams.
Everything was back to "normal mode" this week-end, bt I prefered to paly with her than painting.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 01

While it's too hot here to paint, I'm working on my next project : a pair of eldar knights.

This one will have a sowrd, and I tried to give him an original pose.

Still some details to wsork but he'll be like that on the battlefield. Witah a worked base, for sure.


Hellhammer - WiP 03

Still going and going...

Tracks were done in the shortest time ever ! Black basecoat, Doombull brown and some drybrushed Boltgun Metal to finish. Et voilĂ .

Metallics are done, need to finish the black parts. Than, weathering.


Hellhammer - WiP 02


Red's done, black in progress.
All the rivets are painted in Boltgun Metal, top add a "steampunk" touch to this beast.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm satisfied with this (bright) color choice.