[HQ] Chaplains

   [Because I am moving from a little appartment to a big house, news from the End of the World Challenge are deferred to the next week. Sorry.]
    I decided to paint a flying chaplain after the biggest fail I ever saw in a game. A half tactical marines squad was charged by a Dark Angel chaplain. He didn't make anything. The Emperor was with the Doom Angels. So I decided to paint one and see what he can do on the field ^-^. As you can see, the flying pack was changed for an old  one.

   The second chaplain was painted because I needed one without reactors. I choosed this model because their was hooded angel in the front of the armor. I changed the left arm for a plasma gun.

   For both of them, the armor is green instead of black, because the Doom Angels are all as one. All of them wear the same color.  The only accepted difference is on the shoulder pad.

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