WaterGun - March 12 2011

   After several weeks far from the battle fields, I stopped working in our new house and  took my car to play with the members of the WaterGun association. Being the last arrived, there remained only one table for four players. Not a problem! We'll make a " King off the Hill" scenario with the WaterGun manner.
    The scenario is made for four players. The goal is to take your HQ to the top of a tower after having passed a turn in the neutral zone.   Deployment zones are 12' squares. In order to preserve the scenario, the objective is surrounded by a neutral zone preventing any teleportation/deep strike. This zone can't be reached  by any other means than BY FEET. Once in the neutral zone, the HQ must await a turn, to prepare himself for the rise.  The HQ and  ONLY the HQ can go in the objective zone. Any accompanying squaq  remains at the the foot of the objective. If another player manages to make assemble his HQ, then there is confrontation at the top!

    In order to spice up the game, the initiative is known as "revolving". Before beginning each turn, the four players launch a dice. The greatest number starts and so on jusqu' with the last. This revolving initiative creates many surprises, upsetting the best established situations. The winner is the one whose HQ is still alive and on the objective at the end of the game.

   We played this scenario on a 48' x36' table, with the Redemption Fortress as central objective. The best format to play this scenario seems to us to be 1000pts.

   For this game, we had Necron, a full Nurgle CSM, Space Marine and Tyranide.
The game  lasted 5 turns, the revolving initiative giving place to many situation reversals. The Captain Tavern showed an epic courage, having demolished a Trygon and a Nurgle marine section… A second trygon puted an end to his race towards the victory.

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