How can this happen?

  To manage to pass from a 1800 to a 3000 points army, you'll need organization. It is necessary for you to start by drawing up a army list with all your available points. Then, grow it up to 3000pts and  see what must be painted and mut it in a painting planning over one year. Very important: never over-estimate your capacities and keep one month without painting. Real life always has surpises for you!

The Doom Angels army before the Challenge started:

  On first tought, I wanted to integrate them in the 3000pts army, but the Veterans visible in the forefront will not integrate the final army list. In addition to the many figurines to be painted (shown throughout year 2011), I had to paint minis for others, to move from an appartement to an house (with bg work to do) and pass a contest. So, it's not too difficult to respect the plannig...

Large picture, click to enlarge
  The Challenge was a motivation source unceasingly renewed. The variety of the units I had to paint to arrive at the fixed goal allowed me to test different techniques. Du to a lack of time,I didn't paint a Super Heavy but it's ready to be painted.

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