ACTA est fabula

  No minis this week. When I created this blog, I wanted to limit post to limit our Holly Hobby. but Europe has just signed ACTA.

ACTA: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

  When I read " commercial" in an international act, negotiated in secrecy by our governments, I'm really anxious. We didn't accept SOPA nor PIPA, dismissed with a large red foot print on the butt... And Big Brother is back again !

  9gag abounds in posts ridiculing SOPA, PIPA and aiming at mobilizing against ACTA, explaining to citizen what it really is about. If the US government moved back in front of the citizens' mobilization, we should make the same thing on a world level againts ACTA.

  Don't let mass-media talk sh*t: they arent' even able to check their sources! It is our duty to diffuse the following message (and adress): STOP ACTA. By all the means which our numerical century offers, spread this information and bonds available to denounce ACTA. and don't forget to sign the anti-ACTA petition.

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