Med Tour 2014 - Preparation

I'm done with the Med Tour's apocalypse army preparation.

It all started with this :

Count 36 terminators to be painted, or refreshed. I won't keep the dread and paint a new one. The Land Raider will be the only one who won't give me any work.

It took me one full year to mount, paint and damage a 3k Dark Angels Deathwing Apocalypse army. It's based on Belial and a command squad, three squads counting ten terminators each, a venerable dreadnought and a Hellhammer.

Belial and it's command squad :
Games Workshop, pro painted
Belial and it's Command Squad
All these terminators take place in a Land Raider Crusader :
Pro painted
Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader
First terminators squad : the Titan Killers
pro painted,
Dark Angels - Titan Killers squad
Second terminators squad : the Xenos Slayers
pro painted
Dark Angels - Xenos Slayes squad
Third terminator squad : the Angel's Wrath
pro painted
Dark Angels - Angel's Wrath squad
I painted a Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought :
pro painted
Dark Angels - Legacius Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought
And you can't pretend to have an apocalypse army if you don't have a Lord of War :
Pro painted
Red Fury - Hellhammer version

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