Here we go !

After years working on my Doom Angels, successors of  the Dark Angels chapter, it's time for me to stop and work on something else. For a time.

Six years painting Space Marines, totally worth it.

After more than 10 years in the Hobby, I stored many Titans, scenery kits and some rarities. It's time for me, now I have an Apocalypse sized army, to paint something else. 

When you are painting for an army, you must paint your minis squad by squad. Which means you are painting 5,10, even 42 times the same model. And, finally, I'm bored.

This is why I want to pick up some models in stock, having fun in painting Knights, Titans, Scenery and commissioned minis.

On the bench right now : one of the two Eldar knights I'm commissionned to paint.

After these, I don't know what I'll put my hands on. Maybe an imperial Knight.

Or some scenery, I need sceneries for my table.

And when I'll be ready for it, I'll finish the Knight on the left, and paint this old but still good Armorcast Warhound.

The warhound is based on a flat base produced by Dragon Forge.

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