[Fast Attack] Assault Space Marines

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   I really like to play assault space marines. They are fast, deadly and their back packs are reeeaally cool. This is why I modified these by adding a Ravenwing symbol on each side.

   I have to tell you that Doom Angels Fast Attack units don't wear the double winged red sword. They have the single winged sword from the Ravenwing, painted with the Doom Angels color scheme. This allows me to stay in the Dark Angels legacy. And as a Fast Attack unit, they wear the double crossed swords on the right shoulder pad.

    The sergent is different. I gave him a chaos space marine plasma pistol and a Space Wolf powa-glove. I erased the wolf and replaced it by a Doom Angels Fast Attack free hand. The back-pack comes from the Chaplain I presented here.

   This unit has three plasma guns... ut this raelly is to much. I play all these ten guys in "full points bling-bling" games. Either, I just take the sergent and four grunts.

   In the next month, I'll prepare a new sergent with a power sword and a bolt pistol. Less expensive and more effective!

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