Back to gaming !

When you see you can't get anymore motivation for your projets, you know it's time for a game.

We had a game last sunday, a 2 vs 2, with wome 1.5k armies.

It was an awkward alliance between Orks (korsairs) and some White Scars vs Dark Angels and UltraSumrfs.
At the third -and last- turn, I finally allowed the terminators to rain on the table. 

Seeing this, one scout sergeant yelled from the top of his lungs "YOLO!!!" and sprinted for an epic fight with the Big Boss and his Nobz.

No need to say that he was dead before the end of the turn...

Unfortunately, we couldn't play more than three turns.
It finished on a draw.

It was a fun game and I was really happy to play again.

Last time I played was in august, 10 month ago.
I needed time to heal some scars.

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